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Prayer, Day 12

It’s a great morning, Lord, because you are in it. No matter how the day goes or what confronts me, the day is still great. Circumstances don’t make greatness but you do. Loving Father, wonderful Savior, forever faithful, mighty Deliverer, awesome Creator, the great I AM-you are my friend. The great Shepherd, I hear your voice and you lead me by still waters and comfort my soul. Your thoughts and ways higher and unlike mine-you have great plans for me. So, I’m all in, letting go of my own. Thank you and praise you, Lord Jesus!

Prayer, Day 7

I call to you, Lord, in awe of your splendor. My voice I raise to the heavens. You respond by your Spirit, within me, quickening mine. My heart cries out in worship of your holiness, my spirit is inspired as you prepare me for the day. May my countenance be steady, my resolve be undeniable, and my peace be sure. Help me walk this day in confidence, bold and firm against the enemy’s schemes. I am firmly planted, immovable, standing steadfast on your promises. A battle may be waged for my life, but I’ve only got eyes for you. Praise and glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus!

Prayer, Day 21

It’s your voice I hear, Lord, in morning, at midday and when it turns to night. I acknowledge your might, your glory and strength; ascribe to you the glory due your name, I worship you in holy array. It is you in your glory, your voice thunders upon the waters. Your voice is powerful and majestic. It can break the immense forests, at its sound the forests fall. You cause breath in the beasts, creatures great and small. It’s your voice that hews out flames of fire and shakes even the wilderness. Your voice makes the deer to calve and strips the forests bare, better yet, all creation says, “Glory!” You are the Lord, who sat as King at the flood; forever sitting as King forever. Amidst all this, you give me strength with blessing and peace. I love you Lord Jesus!