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Prayer, Day 3

I wake in your presence, Lord, and I surrender all. You are always with me; I will not be afraid. You are my God; I will not be dismayed. You are my help, my strength; I find joy in the hope I have in you. I trust your every word and my faith remains in you. You are worthy of all praise and so I praise you. You are worthy of all honor and so I honor you. You are worthy of all glory and so I give you glory to you, God Most High, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ my Lord!

Prayer, Day 23

I wake for another day, Lord, to experience your love; the glory of your goodness. I’ve become more aware of your presence, in the moments that take me through each day. You carry me above the worries and cares this world has cause to bring, to a place higher and greater than I can imagine. My perspective changes and my vision clears, above the clouds, mountains and hills. Across the oceans and lands of the past, you make my future clearer as I surrender to it, an eternity filled with hope. I lift up a praise to you as songs fill my heart. I love you and need you. Thank you for your promise to remain by my side for life. Praise you, Lord Jesus!