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Prayer, Day 3

I wake in your presence, Lord, and I surrender all. You are always with me; I will not be afraid. You are my God; I will not be dismayed. You are my help, my strength; I find joy in the hope I have in you. I trust your every word and my faith remains in you. You are worthy of all praise and so I praise you. You are worthy of all honor and so I honor you. You are worthy of all glory and so I give you glory to you, God Most High, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ my Lord!

Prayer, Day 30

You’ve shaken my world, Lord, just as the earthquake on the day your resurrection. Nothing has been the same since I received the truth of who you are; my Savior! You’ve given me a new life; one with purpose. I will go and do, not just to share your hope but to demonstrate the hope everyone has in you. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thanks, and praise to you, my Jesus!

Prayer, Day 29

It’s a beautiful morning, Lord, created by your imagination. I could not fathom a sky so immense, the birds and animals, humans alike, even ocean and mountain unless it was first shown me by you. Still, no matter because your love for me abounds much greater and more intense than anything on earth. Show me your ways, teach me your path oh Lord, my Father and God, the Great I AM. I ask for wisdom and call upon your strength to believe against what I see by natural sight. I want to see with your vision, your insight, and your love which I know is meant to take me into unimaginable possibilities. Praise you, lift you up, bigger every day, Jesus my Lord!