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Prayer, Day 27

It’s a good day, Lord. I’m going step out and believe you more, casting doubt to the wind. I’m going to respond quicker to the Word that’s been planted in my heart and cultivate those seeds that lay dormant because of my neglect. I going to seek you first in all that I do because you said it’s a good thing. I’m going to ask you for things according to your Word, believing in my heart you are faithful, loving, and good in everything, not just some things. I’m going to seek you first, right at this moment; I need you. All things are possible through Christ for those who believe; all things, all things, ALL things. Help me believe in the “all” today. Give me the wisdom to know what you want me to believe for and what to cast away; clarity. Praise and glory always to you, Jesus!

Prayer, Day 25

Bless you, Lord, with my life which you first gave me. I am here, seeking you, humbled by your mercy and grace. It’s a new day for me to pursue you, to find you. It’s exciting to know I serve the one true God, at the same time I know you as my Father and friend. I thank you for releasing me from the chains of bondage which held my soul, my spirit, my heart. I am changed, brand new. I need you to guide me; for your still small voice to speak to me of your greatness and your plans for me. May my heart resonate with your abundant peace, my tongue works under your control by my submission, and my heart believes undeniably as you speak. I praise and glorify you, lift your name as a banner for all to see, Jesus my Lord!

Prayer, Day 20

You are amazing, Lord, holy and good. I’m going to seek you so my vision becomes clearer and my hearing more aware of your voice. Guide me, help me, in your ways. Teach me to know the difference between my thoughts and yours. Sometimes it can seem I’m following your instruction but I’m really fitting you into my plans. Correct me and change me so that I can know the difference and have the patience to wait for you, to remain steadfast, immovable, always abounding in my work for you. Praise and glory to your name, Lord Jesus!