Prayer, Day 10

Thank you, Lord, I am blessed. Whatever state I am in, I’m blessed. If I am poor in spirit, mine is the kingdom of heaven. If I mourn, I will be comforted. If I am gentle, I will inherit the earth. If I hunger and thirst for righteousness, I will be satisfied. If I am merciful, I will receive mercy. If I am pure in heart, I will see you. If I am a peacemaker, I will be called your child. If I have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, mine is the kingdom of heaven. If people insult me and persecute me, and falsely say all kinds of evil against me because of you, I will rejoice and be glad, for my reward in heaven is great; thank you for your blessings. Praise and glory, Lord Jesus!

Prayer, Day 18

Praise your mighty name, Lord. My life is in your hands; you are at work for my good. No matter what test or trial, I will rejoice. How else will I learn to live from above instead of below? No matter what my eyes see, I will rejoice. How else will I know that I truly can live from within instead of without? I want to bless your name. Commander of eternity, Creator of the universe, Savior of my heart & soul, Giver of true Life. Praise you Jesus!