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Prayer, Day 23

I awake in your peace, Lord, of which I don’t understand, nonetheless I know it to be true. I set before you prayers, requests, with a thankful heart. My heart and mind are under your guard in Christ Jesus. So, I will keep focus, dwelling on those things which are true and honorable, right and pure, lovely and of good report, excellent and worthy of praise. I will sow to the Spirit and will from the Spirit reap eternal life, not losing heart in doing good, for in due time I will reap; I will not grow weary. Thank you, God, that my victory is forever settled through my Lord Jesus Christ. I am your beloved and will remain steadfast, immovable, always abounding in your work, knowing that none of it is in vain. Praise and honor to you, my Jesus!

Prayer, Day 18

Praise your mighty name, Lord. My life is in your hands; you are at work for my good. No matter what test or trial, I will rejoice. How else will I learn to live from above instead of below? No matter what my eyes see, I will rejoice. How else will I know that I truly can live from within instead of without? I want to bless your name. Commander of eternity, Creator of the universe, Savior of my heart & soul, Giver of true Life. Praise you Jesus!

Prayer, Day 14


You speak this morning, Lord, and I am listening. You are the Mighty One, God of all creation, summoning all the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting, the perfection of beauty, you shine forth. Let my praise be an anthem, a voice of joy, for you are the Lord Most High, the great King over all the earth. Subdue my heart, arrest my soul, to love and do good works more and more. I sing praises to you, my King, my God who reigns over the nations, sitting on your Holy Throne. The Shields of the earth belong to you; you are highly exalted. Glory to your mighty name, Jesus!


Devotional Prayers of Hope