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Prayer, Day 15

Thank you, Father God, for your unending love, your mercy, and forgiveness. My heart cries out to you this morning with mounting gratefulness. May lives be changed today, in every venue across the world, as people are given the chance to hear of the Salvation of Jesus, through His sacrifice: one of death and His gift of life. Praise you, Lord, my Savior, and King!

Prayer, Day 9

I wake, Lord, to seek you and to hear your voice. Whatever I put my hand to do today, let it succeed and prosper. Your understanding and guidance are close, for it’s your Holy Spirit that directs me. Your wisdom comes from your Words, which I choose to meditate on; so may they come to my remembrance in great depth and intimacy. I draw you close as I know you draw me. I am forever grateful for your mercy and saving grace. My heart is to love as you have loved, to serve as you served. There is no greater love or service that I can give than to do as you have. You are my strength, my source for all I have need of. May my life be a blessing to you, Jesus Christ my Lord!

Prayer, Day 2

You have overcome, Lord; I give myself to you this day. You are the Creator of all things, therefore I was created on purpose, for a purpose. You are Father and God of all, therefore I am a child of the Most High God. You are Savior, giver of life to all things, therefore I am saved and have a new life. You are the Redeemer, paying the price for all sin, therefore I am redeemed from the curse of sin. You are the merciful forgiver of all, therefore by your mercy I’ve been forgiven. You are faithful to the work you promised to perfect in me and your mercies are new every morning. I commit this day to follow you. I renew my thoughts to your thoughts, renew my ways to your ways. I ask for wisdom to walk the way you desire for me. I will bless you, Lord, at all times; the joy of the Lord is my strength. Praise and glory to you, my Lord Jesus!