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Prayer, Day 29

It’s a beautiful morning, Lord, created by your imagination. I could not fathom a sky so immense, the birds and animals, humans alike, even ocean and mountain unless it was first shown me by you. Still, no matter because your love for me abounds much greater and more intense than anything on earth. Show me your ways, teach me your path oh Lord, my Father and God, the Great I AM. I ask for wisdom and call upon your strength to believe against what I see by natural sight. I want to see with your vision, your insight, and your love which I know is meant to take me into unimaginable possibilities. Praise you, lift you up, bigger every day, Jesus my Lord!

Prayer, Day 28

It’s you alone, Lord, that touch my heart. It’s you alone who stirs me and can’t be taken away. I cannot define it or truly explain; my efforts fall to the wayside. You’re as real as a hand on my shoulder, a whisper in my ear, or a sweet fragrance in the air. You take hold and I can release and let go. You correct, bring discipline and provide what I need so I can change, renew. You forgive, encourage and love so I can do the same. In fact, I can do all things through Christ, it is you who strengthens me. Give your wisdom as I step out this day. I believe in your faithfulness and praise you, Lord Jesus!

Prayer, Day 24

I’m privileged to no end, Lord, to have been created by you. Your Words spoke me into existence, every curve and crevasse, and there are no flaws. Your thoughts of me are for greatness, I have always been beautiful in your eyes, and a sweet fragrance when I speak praises to your name. Be glorified in and through me as I step into the life you’ve always intended for me, and as I learn what that even means. You are the true King, almighty God, who has the throne of my heart, to command me, lead me, guide me, teach me. You love me and I trust you because I know you are good God, a loving God. Praise and honor to my Savior, my God, and my King, Jesus!