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Prayer, Day 4

I call to you, Lord, in awe of your splendor. My voice I raise to the heavens. You respond by your Spirit, within me, quickening mine. My heart cries out in worship of your holiness, my spirit is inspired as you prepare me for the day. May my countenance be steady, my resolve be undeniable, and my peace be sure. Help me walk this day in confidence, bold and firm against the enemy’s schemes. I am firmly planted, immovable, standing steadfast on your promises. A battle may be waged for my life, but I’ve only got eyes for you. Praise and glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus!

Prayer, Day 1 (Month 3)

I attend to your Word, Lord, inclining my ear, leaning in to hear what you say. I will not let your Word depart from my sight, keeping it in the midst of my heart. Your Word is life to me as I find it, meditate on it, and it is health to my whole body. Help me to watch over my heart with all diligence because you said that from it flows the springs of life. I choose to speak honestly, in honor to you, and keep my eyes looking directly ahead with my gaze fixed on tour Word. I determine to watch the path of my feet and I know all my ways will be established by you. Forever be my praise, honor, and glory to you, Christ Jesus, my Lord!

Prayer, Day 26

Rain announces its presence on my rooftop even before the sun declares the morning, Lord, and all I think of is you. You remain with me, rain or shine, in and out of season, out in the open or alone at midnight. What is your plan for me today, heavenly Father, ever-faithful God? I trust you, above whatever may happen, to guide me and show me the way through. I expect your goodness above all else. Be magnified in my life, be apparent and shine through me. Praise and glory to you, Jesus my Lord!