Prayer, Day 3

I wake in your presence, Lord, and I surrender all. You are always with me; I will not be afraid. You are my God; I will not be dismayed. You are my help, my strength; I find joy in the hope I have in you. I trust your every word and my faith remains in you. You are worthy of all praise and so I praise you. You are worthy of all honor and so I honor you. You are worthy of all glory and so I give you glory to you, God Most High, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ my Lord!

Prayer, Day 1 (Month 3)

I attend to your Word, Lord, inclining my ear, leaning in to hear what you say. I will not let your Word depart from my sight, keeping it in the midst of my heart. Your Word is life to me as I find it, meditate on it, and it is health to my whole body. Help me to watch over my heart with all diligence because you said that from it flows the springs of life. I choose to speak honestly, in honor to you, and keep my eyes looking directly ahead with my gaze fixed on tour Word. I determine to watch the path of my feet and I know all my ways will be established by you. Forever be my praise, honor, and glory to you, Christ Jesus, my Lord!

Prayer, Day 24

I’m privileged to no end, Lord, to have been created by you. Your Words spoke me into existence, every curve and crevasse, and there are no flaws. Your thoughts of me are for greatness, I have always been beautiful in your eyes, and a sweet fragrance when I speak praises to your name. Be glorified in and through me as I step into the life you’ve always intended for me, and as I learn what that even means. You are the true King, almighty God, who has the throne of my heart, to command me, lead me, guide me, teach me. You love me and I trust you because I know you are good God, a loving God. Praise and honor to my Savior, my God, and my King, Jesus!