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Prayer, Day 8

I wake in your presence, Lord, and I surrender all. You are always with me; I will not be afraid. You are my God; I will not be dismayed. You are my help, my strength; I find joy in the hope I have in you. I trust your every Word and my faith remains in you. You are worthy of all praise and so I praise you. You are worthy of all honor and so I honor you. You are worthy of all glory and so I give you glory to you, God Most High, Savior, and King, Jesus Christ my Lord!

Prayer, Day 1 (Month 2)

Another glorious day to serve you, Lord. You are my Rock, in you, I put my trust. I am reminded of your blessings; first your saving grace. You do more than I can possibly imagine, those things I cannot. Who can save their own soul or heal any disease? Who can move any mountain or calm any storm; even those within me? You have given me the authority to speak to any mountain, by faith in Jesus name and it will move. Who does that? A Father who loves me enough to empower me with His power, to do mighty things for His glory, not my own. Thank you, Father in heaven. Praise the mighty name of Jesus!

Prayer, Day 29

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Thank you, Lord, you are right with me when I call upon you, you give ear to my voice. May my prayer be counted as incense before you, the lifting up of my hands as an offering. Set a guard over my mouth, keep watch over the door of my lips and my heart. My eyes are toward you, my God, my Lord; I set my eyes on things above. In you, I take Refuge; you never leave me defenseless. No matter what, you are my everything. I pause to reflect on who you are and who you see me to be. As long as I take another breath, another day I have to seek you, to grow closer to you, to know you more. Praise and glory to you alone, my Jesus!