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Prayer, Day 27

It’s a good day, Lord. I’m going step out and believe you more, casting doubt to the wind. I’m going to respond quicker to the Word that’s been planted in my heart and cultivate those seeds that lay dormant because of my neglect. I going to seek you first in all that I do because you said it’s a good thing. I’m going to ask you for things according to your Word, believing in my heart you are faithful, loving, and good in everything, not just some things. I’m going to seek you first, right at this moment; I need you. All things are possible through Christ for those who believe; all things, all things, ALL things. Help me believe in the “all” today. Give me the wisdom to know what you want me to believe for and what to cast away; clarity. Praise and glory always to you, Jesus!

Prayer, Day 26

Rain announces its presence on my rooftop even before the sun declares the morning, Lord, and all I think of is you. You remain with me, rain or shine, in and out of season, out in the open or alone at midnight. What is your plan for me today, heavenly Father, ever-faithful God? I trust you, above whatever may happen, to guide me and show me the way through. I expect your goodness above all else. Be magnified in my life, be apparent and shine through me. Praise and glory to you, Jesus my Lord!

Prayer, Day 12

It’s a great morning, Lord, because you are in it. No matter how the day goes or what confronts me, the day is still great. Circumstances don’t make greatness but you do. Loving Father, wonderful Savior, forever faithful, mighty Deliverer, awesome Creator, the great I AM-you are my friend. The great Shepherd, I hear your voice and you lead me by still waters and comfort my soul. Your thoughts and ways higher and unlike mine-you have great plans for me. So, I’m all in, letting go of my own. Thank you and praise you, Lord Jesus!