Prayer, Day 31

My eyes closed, I feel the wind on my face; it reminds me that you are always with me even though I cannot see you, Lord. My ears aware of the songs of birds, chirps of creatures, all revealing your greatness, Creator of all. My senses respond to the natural things, but my spirit jumps at the sound of your voice speaking to me. My soul may struggle for worth and importance, but I know you’re in the midst of my life. Through Christ, all things are made new and my hope is secure. You are bringing change and closure, change and growth, change and advancement, change and peace. So I rest in this moment with you. May I be a blessing to you, Jesus!

Prayer, Day 22

Father God, Creator of all things who cares for even such as me. You knew when I came to be, you knew where I would go when I was looking for a ray of hope. Whatever it is I’ve gone through, you’ve never let it get the best of me. I’m in this fight until the final round, I will not quit. You hold me and strengthen me, you walk with me and lead me. When I feel as though I can go no more, you lift me to new heights. When people doubt me and don’t believe, it makes no difference because I know I hear you. And you remind me that I’m an overcomer. Through Christ, I am your precious child, with whom you are well pleased. You are the one who overcame death, living now inside of me. You hold my life and so I fix my eyes on you. There’s nothing I can’t do. Let these be my words today, embracing the truth of your love, praise you, Jesus!

Prayer, Day 12

It’s a great morning, Lord, because you are in it. No matter how the day goes or what confronts me, the day is still great. Circumstances don’t make greatness but you do. Loving Father, wonderful Savior, forever faithful, mighty Deliverer, awesome Creator, the great I AM-you are my friend. The great Shepherd, I hear your voice and you lead me by still waters and comfort my soul. Your thoughts and ways higher and unlike mine-you have great plans for me. So, I’m all in, letting go of my own. Thank you and praise you, Lord Jesus!