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Prayer, Day 30

It’s a glorious day, Lord. Thank you for your goodness, it blesses me so. To know I’m forgiven and set free; it’s a remarkable thing. Your Holy Spirit abides within me, your power fills my heart and soul, your love causes my heart to beat; all so I may know you. You are Father and friend, forgiver and Redeemer, Lord and life, the light and the way. Amazing in power, that’s what you are. Glorious and magnificent are your creations. Majestic is your name in all the earth; the heavens shout praises to your name. However small or large, no thing of your creation is insignificant to you. Everything good comes from above; the Kingdom of heaven is near. So, I thank you for your goodness to me; your mercy and grace endures forever. Bless you with all that is within me, bless your holy name. Praise and glory to your name, my Jesus!

Prayer, Day 18

Praise your mighty name, Lord. My life is in your hands; you are at work for my good. No matter what test or trial, I will rejoice. How else will I learn to live from above instead of below? No matter what my eyes see, I will rejoice. How else will I know that I truly can live from within instead of without? I want to bless your name. Commander of eternity, Creator of the universe, Savior of my heart & soul, Giver of true Life. Praise you Jesus!