Prayer, Day 25

Bless you, Lord, with my life which you first gave me. I am here, seeking you, humbled by your mercy and grace. It’s a new day for me to pursue you, to find you. It’s exciting to know I serve the one true God, at the same time I know you as my Father and friend. I thank you for releasing me from the chains of bondage which held my soul, my spirit, my heart. I am changed, brand new. I need you to guide me; for your still small voice to speak to me of your greatness and your plans for me. May my heart resonate with your abundant peace, my tongue works under your control by my submission, and my heart believes undeniably as you speak. I praise and glorify you, lift your name as a banner for all to see, Jesus my Lord!

Prayer, Day 16

You’re revealing more of who you are, Lord, every day. May your Words be as seed sown on good soil, my heart, so that when I hear I also understand. May the abundance of fruit increase from it, honoring you with my life. I will seek you first in all things, this is my goal, and I need your help to do it. I will pray in the Holy Spirit and meditate on your Word throughout the day, this is my goal, and I need your help to do this too. I want to keep your Word; to love and honor you. When I forget, I am humbled because I know I don’t have to earn your love, you freely give it. I need you all the more. Guide me, teach me, as you work all things for my good because you’ve called me according to your purpose. You are worthy of all praise, my Jesus!

Prayer, Day 24

Out of the depths I have cried to you, Lord. You heard my voice and your ears have remained attentive to the voice of my supplications, prayers, and requests. Through it all, you are a merciful, gracious, and forgiving God. Through Christ, you no longer mark my iniquities, which I could not bear. Your goodness provides forgiveness, that you may be honored and revered. I wait for you, my soul does wait, and in your Word, do I hope. My soul waits for you more than the watchmen for the morning; my hope is in you. With you there is lovingkindness and abundant redemption. I love you, bringing you my praise to your honor, Lord Jesus!