Have you ever wondered how or what to pray? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone.

Are you seeking a more intimate relationship with God through prayer? Devotional Prayers of Hope are carefully selected, beautifully crafted, prayers inspired by and based on God’s word.

Devotional Prayers of Hope, 31 Prayers of Devotion to and in Reverence of God; Revealing Hope Every Day, is prepared to help readers in their individual daily devotion, to seek God through a more intimate prayer life by providing a scripturally guided starting point.

Devotional Prayers of Hope Vol.1 1st Edition
Also available on Kindle

Devotional Prayers of Hope Vol.2 - Going DeeperDevotional Prayers of Hope Vol.1 2nd Edition

Prayers of hope are essential to our relationship with God. Devoting ourselves to the Holy Bible is necessary to help us know what to pray, how to pray, and when to pray.

Devotional Prayers of Hope is meant to help those who are seeking God through a more intimate prayer life by providing a scripturally guided starting point. Never replace the Holy Bible with mere books, but use them as tools for growing in intimacy with God through knowledge of Christ.

Devotional Prayers of Hope is filled with words inspired by the Holy Bible, devotions to and in reverence of God, revealing hope every day. We build ourselves up in our most holy faith when we return God’s own words and promises to Him in prayer. Devote time to reading the Holy Bible to find out about the life and character of God.

Devotional Prayers of Hope will remind and encourage readers to search for the truth only found in the Holy Bible. God wants us to find our hope in Him, to have faith in Him and His promises. Rejoice in God, always praying with a heart of thanksgiving.

“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV)

Also available in Spanish and Thai translations.

Oraciones Devocionales de la Esperanza

Devotional Prayers of Hope - Volume One, Thai Translation

Just a few Testimonials:

Cindy from Washington wrote, “After faithfully seeking God, Honey hears from Him, writing those words He wants her to share. I start my day with her devotional; words that encourage, strengthen, and bring joy to my soul. It reminds me to praise the King of Kings. With that in my heart, I can bring encouragement and strength to those I touch through my day.”

Kimberly, a Missionary visiting Kenya wrote after reading these daily devotionals, “I loved so much! I shared with the girls here in Kenya at girl’s camp. Thank you again.

Pam, from Wyoming wrote, “I am blessed; I wake up every morning by Honey’s daily devotionals. God has truly blessed her and speaks through her every morning. I have shared her devotions with other brothers and sisters and they feel the same way. Blessed, refreshed and ready to take on the world clothed in the armor of God.

Carol from Washington wrote, “Devotional Prayers of Hope has been a daily help to me in my walk with God.  Each day is a new, scripture based prayer designed to uplift and encourage me as I set out to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus.  Many times what I’ve read that morning will be in my spirit to pass on to encourage and uplift a fellow worker or a family member.  The book makes an excellent tool for someone who is just learning how to pray God’s word or to someone who is in need of daily encouragement like me.

Yvonne, also from Washington, wrote, “Your daily devotionals help me be able to think about what I need to do for God because what he has done, is doing, and what he is going to do for me. Choices I can make because what he has done for me. It has helped me be open and talk to others too. Thank You it is a blessing.

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